TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10: Release Date & Preview

Makoto’s journey in a mysterious world starts with TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10 with Aqua and her crew pulverizing the invaders who enter their land. This episode will release during the week. From the latest episode of TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy, two mysterious women punish a group of bandits that tried to steal something precious from their village. One of the ladies wonders how dare these humans to enter their woods in their filthy boots. She talked about pipthieves, and Aqua wonders what that is. The lady replies that it is a combination of pipsqueak and a sneak thief.

She asks Aqua if those humans are dead, and Aqua replies that they are unconscious. But she would have killed them if they touched the red lotuses. Eris said ”Eggsactly”, and Aquas wonders why Eris has been saying strange words. Meanwhile, Makoto is surprised by the monster nation for throwing a surprise party for him. Makoto thanks the monsters for throwing a party to celebrate the establishment of his trading company in the outside world. The young girl gave him liquor, and Makoto aks Tomoe if she is not better at giving a speech.

Tomoe told Makoto that they want to hear him speak. Mio brings something to Makoto since the little girl was giving him a beer. Makoto enjoys eating food, and Mio wonders if this is the time for her to feed Makoto. Tomoe notices that and drags Mio away while reminding her about the room that she has to clean. Alkine Alke arrives and reminds Makoto that she has learned to remain transformed for long periods. Makoto is impressed that Alkane has learned to perfect her human form. The episode title is ”Night Nine Eat or Be Eaten.”

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Previously on TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 9

Alke said that she is here to report about a visit to Tonarak Forest the other day. Makoto asks if she has found any ambrosia. Alke replies yes and shows Makoto a book that has all the records of her findings. She adds that the flowers’ coordinates and relevant details are also inside. Makoto thanks her and realizes that carelessly harvesting the flowers would cause problems. Alke talked about Haruna training with the board beast using her weapons, and she is glad to train with the mighty beast.

Alke told Makoto that Haruna is enjoying participating in combat training daily. Minato is researching a variety of subjects, such as blacksmithing and alchemy. Hokuto has thrown himself into construction work, and he is assisting the Orcs. Alke reveals all the journey and stuff that she does with all of her friends, including Mio. Liddy arrives and talks with Makoto, and she also shared his story and how he is leaving with other lizardmen like him. Liddy adds that he has acquired new tactics through their joint training sessions.

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy

Makoto is glad to hear Liddy’s story, and Lidds replies that he is training in unarmed combat to prepare for the Demiplane Ranking in three months. Makoto replies that it is what sworders would do. Liddy reveals that Tomoe is coaching him, and he recalls the time Tomoe sent him flying during their one-on-one. The next day Tomoe and Mio wanted to punish Makoto thinking g that he is hitting on prostitutes. But Makoto explained everything that happened. The next day they battle with Aqua and Eri, who think they are invaders. Makoto uses Defensive Kai to shield the crew from the barrages. Mio’s demonic forms begin to get awakened, and Makoto noticed her.

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10 Release Date

The latest TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10 will be released on 8 September 2021, at 11:00 PM. The new episode of TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy will be online on Wednesday. This series will complete after releasing two remaining episodes. Let’s look at the TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy news below.

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy

Where To Watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10

You can watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 10 online on Crunchyroll, ANIPLUS, and VRV. You can discover more about TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy on its Twitter account and other platforms. The new episodes of TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy air with English subtitles.

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