Stranded Deep

Can You Play Stranded Deep Multiplayer?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no because on some consoles the co-op version is provided and on some, it isn’t. We will introduce you to the consoles on which the multiplayer works, in the article below. Do read the full article for more information. Keep reading the article to know if Stranded Deep has multiplayer?

Story Plot

Stranded deep game is based on a survival story. As the protagonist of the game survives the plane crash in the middle of somewhere in the pacific ocean. In search of land, he explores many islands in the pacific ocean to survive there. And in between these tours from one island to another, he has to overcome many challenges.

Stranded Deep

Challenges like finding a means to survive until he gets rescued or finds help. He has to find food, go for a hunt, produce fire with the things that are present on the island. Players can explore any pacific island that is present on the map. Can swim bottomless trenches filled with dangerous water bodies.


Stranded deep has both weather and day-night changing features. Players can stay on an island and can build shelter, raft, equipment, and other resources from the sources that are present near them. As the player can carry just a limited number of items with him he has to choose between the items that will come in handy on that particular mission.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer

Players have to manage their hunger bar, health bar, thirst bar, and sleep bar while surviving in the environment. Throughout the game, you have to manage between substances that are essential for your survival. For drinking water, coconut water will be the best substitute that you can obtain easily. You can also prepare a water collector to come in use later.

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Hunger is also an important component to look for but this problem is easy to overcome as there will so many solutions to look for like coconut, fishes, and leftover rations. These all will help with cutting off the hunger problem. For equipment, players can search the island and sunken shipwrecks.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer

As the player is stuck in between the largest ocean of the world, The Pacific Ocean. What can be the main enemies he has to look out for as a challenge? Yes, the aquatic animals. Well, the ocean is filled with many harmless fishes, sea turtles, starfish, whales, swordfish and so many more. it also contains the Great white shark which is one of the enemies in the game. It can attack straight at the player and also bump into the player’s raft which can result in flipping the raft over with the player.

That’s not it. The real enemies are the mythical sea creatures that you will find in the game at different locations. Including a megalodon shark, Abaia a huge eel, and lusca a giant squid. These are the most challenging enemies in the game. Killing them will get your rewards and progression in the game.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer

When the plane crashed the player was saved by an inflatable lifeboat he found near the plane. The boat contains a compass and rations. The boat can also be used as a raft to travel to different islands in the pacific ocean. An anchoring boat is a must in the game because if you don’t anchor it near your landing place wind or current in the streams will carry it away into the vast ocean.

The raft can be built too with the material you will get on the island and there is another mode of transportation too: Gyrocopter, which can be formed when you get its material from the islands.

In the end, the player finds an abandoned ship that has an aircraft on it. The aircraft can help to escape from the pacific and when you flew it you got to know how you got stranded at the start of the game.  

Consoles On Which You Can Play Multiplayer

Well, the stranded deep multiplayer feature of the game works only on PC. Ps4 and Xbox one versions of the game do not support split-screen multiplayer. So if you want to play co-op with a friend you have to be on pc and also on pc it supports only local co-op. There is no online version of the game. Sad but true. 

How To Play Stranded Deep Multiplayer On Pc? 

You need a 2nd controller to play the game in split-screen mode.

Now when the 2nd controller is connected. Go to Inputs in options, then change none next to Controller to P2. When done, click on apply and head to the Main menu> New game> Switch single player to co-op multiplayer.

Yup, that’s it, now you can play Stranded deep on multiplayer.

For PCs, you can get a local co-op version of the game through steam and epic game stores. Many people have heard that the game developers are trying to bring the co-op version in all consoles with online multiplayer features. It will be a smart move by the company as the majority of people have consoles for gaming and in present days gamers like to play more online multiplayer games rather than single stories.

Final words :

Pc users should be happy to have the Stranded deep multiplayer feature even if it’s local. Well for console gamers, should just wait a bit cause game developers can announce the co-op and online features anytime soon.

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