Shadow of War Cheat Engine

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War-Cheat Engine | Detailed Table

Are you looking for shadow of war cheat engine tables that gives you  XP skill points, ORCS, unlimited health and so on? If yes, you are on right page.

With in this article, you’ll have complete information about cheat engines (Tips & tricks) which will help you to get Infinite Health, fast level up, infinite focus mode and so on.

But before moving forward, let’s talk a bit about the shadow of war game. 

About Shadow of War

Shadow of War Cheat Engine

Shadow of War is the second video game of the Middle-Earth franchise released on 27 September, 2017. The game was developed by Monolith Productions. It is the sequel of award winning Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The game is featuring a challenging campaign with a unique system that makes each and every death count, even yours included. 

Shadow of War also features unique multiplayer modes called ‘Social Conquest’ and ‘Vendettas’. 

For purchasing the game, the link is given at the bottom of this website but before purchasing, consider game characters, creatures, tribes & editions.   

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You can purchase any of the four editions of the game

 Standard edition

  1. Silver edition
  2. Gold edition
  3. Definitive edition

Different editions have different components of the game.

Cheat Engine in Shadow of War

Shadow of War Cheat Engine

First of all, many of the players generally ask about legality and ban of Cheat Engines. I want to clarify it first: 

As per, Cheat Engine is a legal and open-source memory scanner until and unless you don’t violate EULA/TOS of the specific game/application.

You are wondering why it is named so? It is named so because it is used for cheating in the Computer System or in any particular software or application. 

The new version 7.2 of Cheat Engine was established in November 2020. But using the Cheat Tables in Shadow of War is not advised at all and is even frustrating to other online players. 

This may also lead to bans and penalties to your game account, so if you are using Cheat Engine Tables, strictly stick to single-player offline mode. 

How to Use This Cheat Table?

Shadow of War Cheat Engine

  1. Install Cheat Engine.
  2. Double-click on the .CT file to open it.
  3. To select the game process you want click on the PC icon.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options that you want by checking boxes. 

Reminder : Keep in mind that before you join a Cheat Engine to a process, you are not violating the EULA/TOS of the specific game/application.

The complete guide for Shadow of War: Cheat Engine

Cheat Functions:

The basic cheat functions that help the user to work expeditiously.

  • Numpad 1 : Infinite Health
  • Numpad 2 : Super Stealth Mode
  • Numpad 3 : Infinite Focus Mode
  • Numpad 4 : Infinite Arrows
  • Numpad 5 : Easy Level Up Fast XP
  • Numpad 6 : Infinite Might
  • Numpad 7 : No Skill Points Requirement for Unlocking Skills
  • Numpad 8 : No Talion Level Requirement for Unlocking Skills
  • Numpad 9 : No Story Requirement for Unlocking Skills
  • Numpad 0 : Easy Captain Kills
  • Numpad / : Unlimited Elven Rage / Full Wraith Meter
  • Numpad * : Mega Silver Coins
  • Numpad – : Super Challenge Timer
  • Numpad . : Easy Equip Gems
  • F1 : Equip Super Damage Weapons
  • F2 : Protect Mount Health
  • F3 : Fast Skill Cooldowns
  • F4 : Easy Craft Gems
  • F5 : Easy Prestige Upgrades

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Are There Any Alternatives of Cheat Engine?

There are different alternatives for Cheat Engine but the best one are: 

Bit Slicer – Bit Slicer is a universal game instructor for Windows Operating System that allows you to search and modify the values in Video Games. It is easy to use and is very similar to Cheat Engine.

iHaxGames – this tool is basically used for the Mac Operating System. The current version of iHaxGames is for Operating System X 10.4 and above.

For other alternatives of Cheat Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get banned in the shadow of war?

Yes, if you make crazy moves and someone attacks you, they will probably report you. As long as you don’t go crazy, people will think you just farmed for good orcs.

Is Cheat Engine illegal?

No, the Cheat Engine is not illegal. It works on Windows and Mac Operating Systems. 

Is Talion mentioned in Lord of Rings?

No, Talion appears only as a game character in both games of  Middle-earth that is Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. 

How can I change armour textures Shadow of War – Cheat Engine

Enable master script and Uruk pointer, there should be a sub option called Equipment that will list a long list of items such as body models and models (appearance) change both to what you want in whatever desired category if you can find it. After that do some menu switching, maybe fast travel or have a follower interact with them or something.


How do you like the game and cheat engines, let us know in the comment section. Is cheat engine working for you or not? 

For those who want to purchase this game, purchase it here.

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