Once these men were men, now they have become women, see photos

There are many types of people in this world, who are known for their strange activities. At the same time, there are some people who do something new and different and create a new identity of their own.

1. Nikki Chawla

Nikki Chawla is considered one of the most beautiful models in India. Nikki, a resident of Delhi, became a girl in the year 2009 itself. Nikki is so beautiful that today she is counted in the list of top models.

2. Nong Poy

After watching Nong, anyone can be deceived because Nong looks so cute and beautiful that he has little praise. At the same time, Nong Poy changed his gender at the age of only 17.


There is hardly any need to tell about Bobby as Bobby has worked in many Bollywood films till now. Apart from these, she is also a model, who has entered her name in ‘Limca Books of Records’.

4. Gauri Arora

Gauri Arora is considered one of the top models in India. Since childhood, he was fond of wearing girls’ clothes and behaving like them. Due to which she changed her gender and became a woman.

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