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Amine series is the best storytelling series according to teenagers and adults; anime has drawn attention of every youngster towards it. There are more than thousands of amine episodes and series and some of them are running more than two decades.

As you know amine series is worldwide favorite, so there is more than hundreds of quality streaming sites, and for that only reason streaming of anime episodes is quite competitive.

The websites are mainly divided into two parts, there are some of the websites which provide both subs and dubs and there are some of them, those only provide only subs or only dubs.

So, today I am going to talk you about the website that is justdubs.org, as it is clear with the name that, this website is only about dubs. So, there will be no subs on this website and even, all the dubs available on this website is in English language.

It’s very clear that many hardcore anime fans, don’t love the dubbed version, but there are some of the shows which are created better in their dubbed version. Thus, and it’s just a matter of personal preference.

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Justdubs.org ???

Justdubs is one of the known website among anime lovers that streams all the best dubbed anime episodes.

Let’s explore the website one by one;


You can visit their big website’s library that offers a thousands of dubbed episodes. Fans in millions of numbers visit this website every week to watch the premium HD quality anime dubbed episodes.


Series of anime such as one piece, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Pokémon and Demon Slayer have tones of fans those are dying to watch the series again and again.

Even, though you don’t love the series to watch or to stream any series more than once. So, don’t worry, there are more than 700+ series on this website/platform.

There are some of the reasons why you should only stream on justdubs.org. And further I am going to talk you about why I love this particular website.

Arranged Exclusive Content

This website justdubs.org is totally committed for dubbed content of anime. That, clearly means, you can enjoy and get approach to the best content of anime in English language. Some of the viewers, those who just don’t like the videos, may go with Subtitles. So this website comes off as a savior.

Anime with the exclusive lineup, viewers get to watch the top quality content, Trending ones. Enjoy the narrative content and you don’t have to settle for subtitles in the series.

Nice Interface for Viewers.

Not like the IPTV and live show streaming websites, this website goes through a more official approach and a web series-centric approach of anime. Nearly more than 80% of all anime-streaming web sites that I’ve seen have a great outlook and interface.

The dark background layout and glowing banners simply sums up to the whole playful and enjoying nature of the website. Surfing and browsing over the website is very smooth because there will no ads on the website to interrupt.

The whole content is arranged and placed accordingly and searching your favorite show is very easy due to variety of search options and filter buttons available to you.

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Visual Appearance of the Website

I always praise the good design whenever I see one. As soon as you enter the website, the front page that is homepage looks so cool with beautiful animations, and banners aligned in centre.

Developer of this website uses these banners to share some particular things/information with its users. They are not related with content; I mean these banners are not content oriented. The banner in background which looks likes galaxy, gives the beautiful views for users.

Content Based on Genre.

I love the content based on genre or genre-based sorting function. Most of the viewers, who are just planning or thinking to start their journey with anime, are surely going to praise this website.

Sorting the content over the genre will help the individual to explore all the hidden gems. You will get the results for the genre you like or search for it, but you also get to see the real creativity and content of niche.

You will get to know more about the culture and watching series that is not mainstream and be the promoter, which other people have little or no idea about.

How You Can Get to the Justdubs.org?

Before getting to the website, keep in mind that you have an active VPN. So, that you will be safe from hackers and protect your system from the virus/malware.

You can get to the website in just two simple ways. Just search the word “justdubs” and you will find the website on the front page of results. Or what you can do is just type” justdubs.org” and will get straight to the website.

Website’s Hero Section.

This Section on this carries most beautiful and refreshing designs. Quality banners on the Homepage, along with full transparency. Banners, fonts and texts merges with the background and present a cool view.

You will also get an option there for “new movies and series” where you can enjoy Streaming all the latest released episodes of anime.

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Design of this website is quite simple, the dark theme and proper use of animation and banners. Combination of color, like black background with white text enhances the quality of the webpage.


With more than700+ series of anime in front of you. There will be no shortage of content. Exclusive lineup of series shows you the latest series such as ‘Castlevania’, ‘Beastars’, ‘Lovestage’, and ‘KonoSuba’ and many many more. Beside of anime series, you will also get some epic series such as ‘One Piece’, ‘Pokémon’, ‘Death Note’, ‘Demon Slayer’, and ‘Naruto’ etc. you can get all this on this website.


Some Other Websites That Allows to Watch Amine for Free

  • 9ANIME


You can bookmark this website, because it provides you with all the latest series of anime as well as some other series too. You can surf this website and enjoy watching, because there are no Ads On this website.

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