Does the ending of Monsters at Work set up season 2?

Monsters, Inc. is regarded as a classic by Disney-Pixar fans and since its release almost 20 years ago, has spawned a prequel film and its very own sequel series on Disney+.

That sequel series is Monsters at Work which follows a new arrival at Monsters, Inc. following the events of the original film.

However, season 1 of Monsters at Work concluded on September 1st and fans have been left asking if the Disney+ series will return for season 2.

Monsters at Work | Official Trailer | Disney+



Monsters at Work | Official Trailer | Disney+





Monsters at Work recap

Monsters at Work premiered on Disney+ on July 7th, 2021 and new episodes have been releasing weekly since then.

The sequel series picks up the story of the Monstropolis powerplant following the events of Monsters, Inc. which saw Mike and Sulley bring an end to the days of scaring.

The main character of Monsters at Work is Tylor Tuskmon, a recent graduate from Monsters University who is looking forward to a prestigious career as a Scarer.

However, when Tylor arrives for work, he quickly learns that his scaring talents won’t cut it and he’s assigned to the misfit Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) and he must set his sights on becoming a Jokester instead.


Will Monsters at Work return for season 2?

  • Monsters at Work hasn’t been officially renewed at the time of writing but the ending of season 1 does potentially leave room for more.

At the time of writing, following the arrival of the season 1 finale, Disney has yet to announce the renewal of Monsters at Work for season 2.

However, the conclusion of season 1 – which saw Tylor finally become a fully-fledged Jokester to help save Monsters, Inc. – does potentially leave the door open for more.

As Tylor has been promoted from the MIFT team, there is a whole new raft of workplace hijinks that could be explored in a potential second season on the Laugh Floor.

Counting against season 2’s chances, though, is the fact that season 1 tied up Tylor’s journey quite neatly, having him complete his journey and becoming a Jokester, meaning that a second season wouldn’t necessarily be essential.

However, there is a potential hint for a second season during the end credits of episode 10 as Fritz is left asking if there’ll be a season 2.


Fans want more

While the fate of Monsters at Work has yet to be confirmed, fans have wasted no time in taking to social media to ask for more.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Monsters at Work was such a great sequel to Monsters INC/University I really enjoyed every single episode and I hope the show gets a Season 2 #MonstersAtWork.”

While another added: “The First Season of Monsters at Work was amazing! If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should! I just hope it gets renewed for a Season 2.”

This fan asked: “Wonder if there will be a season 2 of Monsters at Work The season finale was the perfect way to end off on.”

However, this fan is split on whether a second season is necessary: “Just watched season 1 finale of #MonstersAtWork. I have to say I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend giving it a watch. Kinda split on whether it needs a season 2 or if it works better as a contained story.”


Monsters at Work is available to stream now in full on Disney+ after season 1 concluded on September 1st, 2021.

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