Did Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon break up over ex-girlfriend drama?

Fans are sensing trouble in Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon’s relationship after the latter was exposed by his alleged girlfriend on Instagram. Many have since been wondering if this led to a breakup. 

Trisha and Moses have grown to become one of the most popular couples on YouTube. Their videos have garnered millions of views and fans have always been intrigued by the details of their courtship. However, the latest drama has many questioning their future. 

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Ex-girlfriend drama explored 

Social media platforms blew up with posts surrounding Trisha and Moses’ relationship after an Instagram user named Mercury, who alleged to be Moses’s former girlfriend, exposed him in a series of messages. 

While answering fans’ questions on Instagram, Mercury claimed that she hasn’t retained any of Moses’ messages from the past as he “really hurt” her. 

One of the other questions read, “Moses using Tricia?”, to which Mercury responded, “Lol never forget #Tricia. And you tell me.. Someone living in Inglewood now lives in a mansion and all he had to do was betray everyone he loved.”

The Instagram user claimed that Moses lied to her about having been married before. “I barely found out he was married yesterday when a tea account filled me in. No idea about anything with the ex-wives.”  

She also claimed that Moses cheated on Trisha with her, which was fueled by a picture of her with the YouTuber’s fiance. 

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Did Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon break up?

No, Trisha and Moses have not broken up. 

The picture of Moses with his alleged girlfriend has convinced several fans that he in fact cheated on Trisha.  While speculation about a crack in their relationship is rife, there is no evidence to prove the same. 

Not only has Trisha not spoken about these allegations against Moses, but she also shared a new video featuring him on her channel only a day ago, after Mercury’s bombshell stories on Instagram. She also shared a post on Instagram with Moses a few hours ago, stating they are on an “Ovulation vacation”.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Trisha and Moses are still together. 

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Fans react to hearing rumors

After rumors about Moses allegedly cheating on Trisha started making rounds, many took to Twitter to express their opinion about the ongoing drama.

One wrote, “I’m sticking to my original theory (not to defend Moses but because it makes sense): Trisha’s gone quiet and Moses has gone aggressive so Trisha’s image improves. Now that there’s stuff coming out about Moses, if they break up, Trisha will claim to be the victim again.226”

Another added, “This all seems orchestrated. Like a poorly written screenplay or tabloid magazine cover.”

“Moses out with a mystery woman, supposedly his best friend but it’s obvious that Trisha wouldn’t allow him to have any female friends. Someone who saw them together thought it was Trisha with a dark wig at first,” wrote another.

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