Who is Masego, the singer featured on Drake’s Certifed Lover Boy?

Drake’s much-anticipated album Certified Lover Boy is finally out! Music lovers across the world were eagerly waiting to witness his latest work, which features multiple artists. 

The singer revealed the list of artists appearing in his album by displaying their names on billboards across the country. Masego is one of them. 

As Drake’s album is finally here, we are sure you would like to know everything about Masego. Here, we’ve got all the details covered for you!

Who is Masego?

Masego is a Jamaican-American musician, whose real name is Micah Davis. 

He is 28 years old and is known for using saxophone in his music. Masego rose to prominence following his collaboration with French Kiwi Juice in 2017. He released his debut album titled Lady Lady in the following year. 

However, before gaining recognition through his debut album, Masego had already collaborated with artists like Medasin to release Girls that Dance in 2015, and in 2016, he released an EP titled Loose Thoughts. 

Meanwhile, his stage name Masego is a Swahili translation of his church name “little blessing”, which he adopted when he was in high school. 

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Masego is on Drake’s CLB album 

Ahead of his album release, Drake revealed on Twitter that Masego would be featuring on it. He made the big announcement on a billboard in Virginia. It read: “Hey Virginia Masego is on CLB”

Drake didn’t provide any more details regarding Masego’s feature, but now that the album is out, there are no more secrets.

You can listen to the song now as Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is available to stream on multiple platforms.









Fans react to Masego’s feature

Going by the social media reactions, it seems like fans are thrilled to witness a collab between Drake and Masego.

One tweeted, “Drake sampled Masego on the first song”

Another added, “When you start listening to #CertifiedLoverBoy and wonder why your phone is playing Navajo by @UncleSego only to find out its just a casual Drake x Masego collab.”

“Drake started his album with a sample from Masego…this album will stay on repeat,” wrote another.

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