Where to watch The Gateway: In cinemas or streaming?

It’s shaping up to be a particularly incredible year for film fans, especially considering some of the most anticipated movies of 2020 are arriving this year instead.

No matter your taste in genre, there has already been something for you.

Horror fans have had new Saw and The Conjuring efforts, and superheroes? Well, there’s never a shortage of comic-book adaptations, but Black Widow and The Suicide Squad are two of the year’s biggest blockbusters to mention.

While we’ve already had new movies from the likes of M. Night Shyamalan and Zack Snyder, there’s simply so much to look forward to. Of course, the cinematic year is so much more than your mega-budget epics like Dune and No Time to Die.

For example, one of the latest to attract attention is the new film from director Michele Civetta, promising audiences a captivating crime-thriller.

With you already being here, we know you’re excited to check it out, so we’ll get straight into where to watch The Gateway…

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Where to watch The Gateway

  • The Gateway is available to see in theaters from Friday, September 3rd 2021, and is also available on VOD platforms.

So, whether you fancy checking it out on the big or small screen, you’re in luck.

It will be available on the likes of Amazon Video and so forth from the aforementioned date, so a movie night in is just a rental away.

As for what to expect, we follow a downtrodden social worker who suddenly finds himself entangled in escalating danger after attempting to protect one of his clients from her husband, who has recently been released from jail on parole.

He’s not just any old husband though, he’s a tightly wound and feared drug dealer looking to reclaim his supply.

It’s sure to be a must-see for action fans, and the plot is far from the only selling point…

The Gateway – Official Trailer



The Gateway – Official Trailer






Highlighting the talent

Often we tend to gravitate towards a film for its cast and The Gateway certainly has a good one.

You can check out the players and their respective roles below:

  • Shea Whigham as Parker
  • Olivia Munn as Dahlia
  • Bruce Dern as Marcus
  • Frank Grillo as Duke
  • Taryn Manning as Corey
  • Mark Boone Junior as Gary
  • Keith David as Terry
  • Taegen Burns as Ashley
  • Alex Wraith as Louis
  • Zach Avery as Mike

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“It’s not a matter of bad or good…”

Frank Grillo has already impressed this year, starring in such films as Boss Level and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

While in conversation with Looper, he opened up about his The Gateway character:

“For Duke, he’s a guy who is a hustler, who is a street guy, has been a survivor since he can remember. And I know guys like this. I grew up in the Bronx in New York City, and some of the cruelest guys were these street guys, who also looked cool. And they just did what they had to do with the resources that they had. You know what I mean?”

He explained: “It’s not a matter of bad or good, it’s a matter of, ‘This is what I’m presented with. These are my options. I’m either going to starve, or I’m going to be really great at what I have to do.’ And I think that’s what this guy is. I think he could have run his own company if he was on the right side of the wall.”

The Gateway is available in theaters and on VOD from Friday, September 3rd 2021.

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