What If episode 5 release date, time and storyline explored

After the great Marvel drought of 2020, this year has seen a return to form for the MCU with an endless amount of new films and TV shows.

The newest arrival on the small screen has been the animated series, What If…?, which poses questions about alternate realities throughout the MCU, proving to be a perfect follow-up to the multiverse-creating Loki series.

Each episode has told a completely different story and following the release of episode 4, attention has turned to episode 4 of What If…? and what story will be told this time around.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+



Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+






What If…? episode 4 recap [Spoilers]

Titled What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands, episode 4 became What If…?’s most mind-bending and heartbreaking episode when it arrived on September 1st.

Centring on Doctor Strange, the episode sees the love of his life, Christine Palmer, get killed in the car crash that originally saw his hands get badly injured.

Driven by the loss of Christine, Strange aims to alter a fixed event in time and delves into dark magic to gain enough power to do so.

However, the Ancient One secretly split the timeline in two in an attempt to stop the evil Doctor Strange. But her efforts, and those of the good Stephen Strange, prove futile as evil Strange succeeds in his plan, wiping out his reality in the process.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

What If…? episode 5 preview

  • Episode 5 of What If…? will be released on Disney+ on September 8th 2021.

If you want to watch the new instalment as soon as it releases, episode 5 will be made available at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

The episode will be released at the same time around the world which translates to 3am ET in the US, 8am here in the UK, 12:30pm in India and 5pm in Sydney, Australia.

Each episode of What If…? is expected to be around 30 minutes in length, which is a little shorter than the three previous Marvel series we’ve had so far.

No title or synopsis has been released for episode 5 just yet but according to Fansided, the upcoming episode will focus on the God of Thunder, but this time revolving around “Party Thor.”

Little about the episode has been teased to date, with only a few snapshots of Thor appearing in the What If…? trailers.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

How many episodes in total?

  • What If…? season 1 will consist of nine episodes in total.

Like all of Marvel’s Disney+ shows, one new episode of What If…? will be arriving each week following the premiere on August 11th.

With nine episodes in season 1, What If…? is expected to continue on Disney+ until the finale arrives on October 6th.

Beyond What If…?’s first nine episodes, it’s already been confirmed that season 2 of the anthology series is in development with a further nine episodes in store according to Collider.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

What If…? continues weekly on Disney+ after premiering on August 11th, 2021.

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