Who is Ducky P, the Florida rapper allegedly killed in Dallas?

What happened to Ducky P? Social media users were swept with a shockwave when reports surrounding the Flordia rapper’s alleged death started circulating everywhere. 

Fans soon rushed to Twitter to check if the rumours are true before paying tribute to the rapper, who was allegedly shot to death. 

One Twitter user, who claims he interviewed Ducky P, shared a video featuring him and wrote: “One of the first artists to let me get an interview. Had me outside Motown at 1am in the Cliff. Damn man. RIP Ducky P.”

Who is Ducky P?

Ducky P, also known as Bornpaid Ducky P, is a rapper based in Florida. He is originally from Dallas, Texas. The viral rumours suggesting that he was shot and killed have claimed that he died in his hometown. 

With more than 15,000 followers, his Instagram bio describes him as “DemonWithGlasses. BornpaidCeo. Pond Digger.”

As for his musical career, the rapper rose to prominence with his songs on YouTube like No Matter What I Do and Burry Me

Meanwhile, his official YouTube channel has over 164,000 subscribers. His most recent video was uploaded three weeks ago. The song titled Lookin features him and fellow rapper, Bp Trouble. 

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Is the Florida rapper dead?

While reports have suggested that the rapper was allegedly shot to death, there has been no official confirmation from his family, friends, or even the police. 

He shared his last Instagram post only a day ago. It featured a black background with the words: “If You Missed It Go Fw My Last Post.’

Therefore, we couldn’t tell for sure what happened to the rapper as more often than not, social media witnesses viral hoaxes that people are led to believe. The official report is still awaited. Watch the space for an update on the same. 

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Fans react to death reports

While there is a lot of uncertainty regarding what happened to Ducky, fans who have come to believe the reports are seen paying tribute to the rapper on Twitter.

One tweeted: “Damn they done killed DuckyP!!! I don’t know the facts behind it but I hope it’s not behind what I think it is. Rip DuckyP!

Another added, “Rip to duckyp. Dallas be trippin wit da rap violence.’

“Damn they done killed that lil boy Ducky P ?,” tweeted another.

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