What happened to Steffie Gregg, the Twitch streamer who died at 26?

Social media users were shocked to learn that Twitch streamer Steffie Gregg was no more after Dancehall producer, Rvssian, revealed the sad news on his Instagram handle.

The young gamer’s passing at the age of 26 has left many wondering what exactly happened to her. The social media star reportedly had underlying health issues that contributed to her death. 

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What happened to Steffie Gregg?

  • Steffie passed away due to complications from COVD-19. 

Rvssian took to Instagram to announce the streamer’s demise. He wrote in his post: “I feel helpless my little Steffie @svg876_ I feel I failed you and couldn’t protect you from this.. COVID is REAL, You don’t know until it hits home 😭I lost you & daddy in the same week.”

Meanwhile, Dance Hall Magazine has reported that Steffie suffered from an autoimmune disease and later developed complications from the novel coronavirus. She is said to have breathed her last on Tuesday, August 31. 

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What we know about the Twitch streamer 

Steffie was the daughter of former race car driver Gary Gregg and sister of Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg, who is also a racer. She is Rvssian’s niece. 

The late streamer boasted more than 36,000 followers on Instagram. Her profile mostly displays pictures from vacations, along with a few snaps with her partner and family. 

On July 17, she posted a picture with her “better half” Naldo Banks, wishing him a happy birthday. 

Steffie also maintained another Instagram account, which she had dedicated to her streaming videos. From that social media handle, it seems like she was a huge fan of Call Of Duty. 

Song of Iron | Launch Trailer



Song of Iron | Launch Trailer






Twitter pays tribute

Several Twitter users have been mourning the loss of Steffie, who passed away tragically at a very young age. Many of them have sent prayers to her family.

One tweeted: “Sleep in love @steffiegregg I’ll love you for ever my crying and laughing partner. Fly High, keep watching over us as that was one of your best traits to ALWAYS make sure everyone is okay”

Another added: “Damn yo steffie gregg really died. Oh my goodness. May her soul rest in peace”

“RIP Steffie and condolences to the Gregg family,” wrote another.

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