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Based on the Predator franchise created by Jim Thomas and John Thomas, Prey is a 2022 American science fiction action film directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison.

It is the fifth movie in the series and a prequel to the prior four movies. Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope are among its cast members.

When producers John Davis was approached by Trachtenberg and Aison in 2018 as The Predator was being made, they presented him with a notion they had been developing since 2016.

This is when the film’s development got underway. The title of the movie, which serves as an origin narrative for the primary antagonists and explains how it first came to Earth, was later revealed to be the codename for the franchise’s fifth entry.

In the year 300, a place named Comanche Nation is where Prey is set.

The protagonist of Prey is a tough and talented woman by the name of Naru

.She was raised by renowned hunters, so she has the skills necessary to defend her people when danger approaches her camp.

When she confronts her prey, it turns out to be a technologically sophisticated and extremely talented alien, which leads to a terrifying conflict between the two foes.

What Cast Members Are There?

Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder, a member of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe and actress, was born on April 26, 1997.

Her mother is a casting director and her father, David Midthunder, is an actor, so both of her parents work in the motion picture industry.

Throughout her career, Amber has made appearances in a number of movies and TV episodes, such as The Originals (2016), Legion (2017–19), and She’s Missing (2019).

Stefany Mathias

Stefany Mathias, a member of the Squamish Nation, was born on March 12th, 1972. Her father is Chief Joe Mathias.

Mathias obtained a part in DaVinci’s Inquest following his graduation from the theatrical department at the University of British Columbia.

D. L. DiLiegro
Dan DiLiegro, a former professional basketball player who was born on August 6, 1988, is an actor.

D.L.Diliego played professionally in Italy and Israel after enjoying success in collegiate basketball at the University of New Hampshire.

When and Where Is Prey Releasing?

On August 5, 2022, Prey is anticipated to be made available only on Hulu.

Utilizing Hulu, the movie will have a US release.

Prey will be a part of the Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar offerings in foreign countries.

The movie will be accessible via Star+ in countries throughout Latin America.

On August 5, 2022, the first hunt will start in earnest. It will be the first feature film in the franchise’s history to be entirely streamed. The human skinning and skull removing are maybe a bit much for the family-friendly Disney+, despite the fact that Disney is now the new parent of the Predator series. Prey will therefore reside on Disney and Fox’s more specialized adult service, Hulu.

Who is Creating the Prey?

The studio once known as Fox is still the production powerhouse behind Prey, despite a recent conflict between the creators of the original Predator movie and the 20th Century’s new parent company, Walt Disney (and yes, the idea that Mickey Mouse now owns Predator will never stop being weird).

Dan Trachtenberg, who is best known for his work on the critically acclaimed film 10 Cloverfield Lane, is seated in the director’s chair, as was already announced.

Even though Trachtenberg has since worked on significant television projects like Black Mirror and The Boys, Prey will be his first feature picture in six years. The hit surprise sequel was his feature-directing debut and helped establish him as a filmmaker to watch attentively.

After the movie’s storyline was revealed, Trachtenberg was also quoted as saying that he was “extremely unhappy that what we had in store for how you could discover this movie would no longer happen.” This is likely a reference to a distinctive advertising campaign like the one for 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Trailer For The Movie Prey

In May 2022, we first caught a glimpse of the extraordinary world of Prey. A young Native American woman is essentially all that the brief 40-second teaser depicts as she runs away from a woodland until coming upon a fellow Comanche who instructs her to take hide. Before that famous three-dotted reticle emerges on one of the two, they both look towards the deserted woods.

A dramatic confrontation between the main character Naru and an invisible Yautja is then hinted at in the trailer. There you have it. A peek at the Predator is among the many additional details in the movie’s full-length teaser, which debuted in June 2022.

Prey 2022: The First Film To Launch In Comanche Language

The producers have chosen to provide viewers the option of watching the movie in Comanche because it includes commandos from Comanche hunters and makes use of that language in specific scenes.

Producer Jhane Myers valued the Comanche department’s input during the production of the movie, so the crew decided to move forward and make the movie available for people all over the world to watch in the language.

Prey is making history as the first movie to ever be seen in its entirety.

You can watch the earlier movies to gain the entire background as the movie approaches its release date. Hulu offers to stream the Predators television series.

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