6 Incredible Features Of Smartphones Of Which Most People Are Not Aware About

1. Check Your Blood Pressure and Heart Beat

There are dozens of heart rate monitor apps available for Androids and iPhones. By placing your finger in front of the camera, you allow the app to see your blood circulation and heartbeat. It’s actually kind of cool, and really useful if you need to do a quick health check.

2. Check Your Remote Batteries Quickly

Is your remote low on batteries? You can quickly check to find out by pointing your remote at your phone’s front-facing camera and pressing any button on the remote. If there is an infrared light showing on your screen, then your remote batteries are still alive.

3. Scan and Digitize Negatives

While it’s not professional quality, you can scan negatives with your smartphone. Use an Android app such as HELMUT film scanner or try playing with the negative effect on your camera.

4. Fix Siri’s Pronunciation

Is Siri annoying you by mispronouncing some of the words she uses frequently? Tell Siri to pronounce the word and then tell her “You’re pronouncing (the word) wrong.” She will invite you to give the proper pronunciation. Problem solved!

5. Take Photos While You’re Recording Video

Do you want to take photos but you’re recording a video? If you have an iPhone, you can press the shutter button that is next to the video recording button while you’re recording the video. That’s all there is to it.

6. Turn Your Phone into a Ruler

Free apps such as the Ruler App are a perfect solution for measuring objects that are smaller than your smartphone screen or even for measuring larger objects in a photo such as furniture.

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