In the film Tere Naam, this actress played the role of a mental girl, now she looks…

The film Tere Naam is considered one of the best films of Salman Khan’s film career, the film was released in the year 2003. In this film, Salman Khan played a better lover. Bhumika Chawla was also seen with him in this film, the story of this film was very good and this film was liked by the people very much.

You must have seen the actress playing the character of a crazy girl in this film, today that girl looks very beautiful in real life. The role of the actress playing the role of a mad girl in this film may be small but it impressed everyone with her small role.

In this film, when the girl is tortured, Salman Khan saves it by beating the goons. The actress who plays this character is named Roshni Chaudhary, after seeing these pictures you will be convinced that she is the same girl. Who played the role of a mad girl in the film Tere Naam.

Roshni Choudhary has not been cast as the lead actress in Bollywood, but has acted in more than 30 films. Apart from Bollywood, Roshni Chaudhary has also worked in many South films.

In 2004, Roshni Chaudhary disappeared from the film world, after which she stopped getting side roles in films, although Roshni Chaudhary tried her luck in directing films but could not get much success.

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