Who is Sean Black, the TikTok user trolling a Texas anti-abortion site?

The state of Texas has just introduced a new law that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

This means that after six weeks, which is before many women even know they’re pregnant, women in Texas are no longer able to have their pregnancy terminated.

Under the new law, abortion providers, and anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion can be sued for thousands of dollars.

The law has been heavily opposed and caused outrage on social media, and one TikTok user has come up with an effective way to fight back online.

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Who is Sean Black?

Sean Black is a TikTok user who goes by the name @black_madness21 on the site.

He has 60,000 followers and often speaks out about important issues in his videos which have had over 1.1 million likes in total.

This week, he’s gone viral after creating a bot that makes it easy to troll an anti-abortion website.

Sean Black’s bot explained

In a video that’s had 1.4 million views, Sean created a script that allows people to submit fake tips to an anti-abortion website created by Texas Right to Life group.

The Right to Life group has created a website where people are encouraged to snitch on their friends, family or colleagues who they know are trying to seek abortions after six weeks.

To troll the site and stand against Texas’ new abortion law, Sean created a bot that will flood the site with fake stories and essentially clog up the site with rubbish.

“Okay hear me out. What if somebody very technical, very hands on set up a bot that automatically sends the request to the website. Oh wait, it was me, I did that,” he said.

TikTok reacts to Sean’s idea

In a later video, Sean revealed that his IP address was banned after he sent roughly 300 fake reports.

However, he then created an iOS shortcut that allows everybody to send false reports to the site, and TikTok users have been praising him.

“Do you prefer king, queen, ruler or perhaps techromancer the almighty,” one person wrote.

Another said: “What did we do to deserve you.”

“You are officially the reason I have faith in humanity,” a third person added.

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