Tomb Raider King Chapter 253: Release Date & Preview

The art exhibition has finally started, but it looks like things will not go as planned in Tomb Raider King Chapter 253 as trouble builds up. Seo had prepared Jae Ha for the exhibition and managed to get him to do good work. 

Jae Ha managed to produce credible art for the exhibition with a lot of potential thanks to Seo’s help. But when the day for the exhibition finally arrived. They were welcomed by a defeating silence at their exhibition halls. 

Seo quickly noticed that something was off and went to the nearby building which was hosting exhibitions to find out what was happening. Jae was left destroyed by this as he worked very hard on his painting, so this was too much for him to take. 

The exhibition took some effort for Seo’s company to prepare, so they expected things to go according to their schedule. They were based next to Pandora’s bases. And as their number one rival, then they expected the competition to be fierce. 

What they didn’t know were Pandora’s plans which caught them by surprise. First, it was the lack of audience on their exhibition even though they got a lot of reservations on the day before. So it was quite shocking to see that not even a single person showed up.

At the time that Pandora’s group hear about the start of Seo’s exhibition, they launched a full-scale attack that left the entire situation complicated. Seo wondered why it took them so long to attack but figured out that this might be because their relics took them a while to restore. So as soon as they were ready, they did not waste time but attacked immediately. 

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 253

Tomb Raider King Chapter 253

Previously on Tomb Raider King Chapter 252

Pandora quickly attacked Seo’s exhibition halls but fortunately for Seo and his team; they had a secret hideout at the Holton mansions, which Pandora’s group did not know about.  But this means the end of Seo’s exhibition before it could even start. 

So he had to go over to Pandora’s building to investigate what was going. As he got there, he managed to see other higher-ranking individuals and the official restorers present. Julien, who is currently the top official restorer, was also present alongside Louis Marting. 

So it looks as if Pandora is dead set on recruiting new relic restorers in order to keep up with Seo and his team. Earlier on, Louis managed to escape a tomb trap that gave Seo and his team a hard time. So Seo wonders what business brings him to Pandora’s exhibition. 

And now, with all the higher-ranking individuals present, then this would mean that something big is going on. The last chapter was brief, but the ongoing exhibition seems like it will lead to another fight between Seo’s side and Pandora. Pandora has managed to gather strong restorers, so this means that Seo and his team will have to make swift movements before the damage to their planned exhibition gets worse. 

So it should be interesting to see how things will end up between these groups. They keep on getting in each other’s ways, and last time, things seemed to have favored Seo’s side. But since Pandora is up and running, then things will be more difficult for Seo and his team to handle as the attack also came as a surprise to them.

At the moment, they are scattered, so it will take a while for them to regroup and figure a way to stop Pandora. At the moment, Pandora is continuing with their exhibition, so it’s like they hit two birds with one stone.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 253 Release Date

Tomb Raider King Chapter 253 will be released on 06 September 2021. We usually ger new chapters within three days, so if the next one comes early, we will get it on the 5th. So if things are a bit slow as the recent chapters have been, then we will get to see how the action continues a day later. 

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