Suitor Armor Episode 51: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Things get heated up as we build up to Suitor Armor Episode 51 as the wedding event continues. Earlier in we saw Modeus visit lady Lucia as her bodyguard. But this was not on official duties as he was not expected to appear at the event. 

Things have calmed down a bit, and we managed to see a peaceful event up to this point. But as Queen Kirsi found Modeus in attendance, things have turned the other way. Modeus appearance caused a commotion with queen Kirsi forbidding him from ever going close to lady Lucia.

On the other hand, Ricon seems to be enjoying the scene as it has attracted the attention of everyone. She thinks that this ruins the kingdom’s reputation, and as the future Queen, Lucia should behave accordingly. The punishment seems to be harsh, and even when she pleaded to King Reimund, it was not helpful as he would want to uphold the queen’s decision. 

The queen still views Modeus as a monster, and Lucia has been fighting for a long time so that Modeus will be viewed in the same terms as any living thing with equal rights. But at this point, it might no longer help since the damage has been done, and the queen has already passed his judgment. 

Modeus has been ordered to return to the service of Norrrix until he gets further orders. So he will have to leave the wedding at once and no longer have to appear anywhere near Lucia. Even though Lucia finds this not to be fair, there isn’t much she can do as she lashes out of the wedding venue.

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Suitor Armor Chapter 51

Suitor Armor Chapter 51

Previously on Suitor Armor Episode 50

The wedding has turned into chaos after a misunderstanding of a situation between Lucia and Modeus. But since the queen already had suspicions and there were rumors already. She took this as a chance to finally take action against Modeus. 

Lucia knew that the royal family does not treat Modeus fairly just because he is Norxx creation. So to them, he is simply a tool and just as well be considered in the same category as a monster. Lucia is aware of this, and as she has been hiding her true identity all this time. 

She understands what it is like to be discriminated against and being treated as a monster. So she has been fighting for Modeus, who usually ignores such things and has no way to defend himself but just accept whichever way that people would treat him. 

Everyone ended up leaving after the commotion, with dad mentioning that he has plans for the evening. His behavior has been suspicious ever since the wedding began and it looks like here is something he might be planning. 

After this, Lucia lashed out to a secret room, and it looks like she can’t take how everyone has been treating Modeus anymore. She has removed all of her disguises, revealing her pointed elven ears. 

Meanwhile, Ricon headed to the underground chambers as he seemed to have a business to attend to. The noise that has developed upstairs has even reached some of the imprisoned elves in their cells, and they wonder what could be happening. 

But Ricon’s appearance shocked most of the elves as they remember how harshly he has treated them in the past. So it seems like he came down here for his usual business as he started torturing some of the imprisoned elves with his magic. At this point, we are still not sure what his intentions will be at this point.

Suitor Armor Episode 51 Release Date

Suitor Armor Episode 51 will be released on 10 September 2021. This will be according to the usual schedule that brings us new chapters every Friday. So soon, we will see what Ricon’s intentions are as he seems to have some evil plans in motion. 

First, he helped framed Modeus and appeared to be enjoying it when he was punished. And before that, he was looking forward to Lucia joining the court, so he surely has something big planned.

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