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3% season 4 Know Everything About Season 4


Have you seen previous seasons of thriller Dystopian Tv series on Netflix which is originally streamed in Portuguese but you can also watch it with English subtitles. What is your opinion about this season 4 of 3%?

3% is a Dystopian thriller series of Brazilian streaming tv. Pedro Aguilera created this series of 3% and stars are Joao Miguel and Bianca Comparato. 3% is the first Portuguese language original series on Netflix developed from a Pilot episode of 2009 independent and 2nd it is non- English production after the series of Club de Cuervos.

Season 1st has 8 episodes and it becomes available on November 25,2016 on Netflix. After having good viewership Netflix has renewed the season 2 on April 27, 2018 having a total of 10 episodes in season 2.

After 2nd season Netflix again renewed its next season on June 7, 2019 containing 8 episodes in it and at last they renewed fourth and final season on August 14, 2020.


Release Date of 3% Season 4

Season 4 of 3% is released on August 14, 2020.

3% season 4

Cast and Characters of 3% Season 4

3% Season 4 cast member includes-

  • Joao Miguel
  • Bianca Comparato
  • Michel Gomes
  • Rodolfo Valente
  • Vaneza Oliveira
  • Rafael Lozano
  • Viviane Porto
  • Samuel de Assis
  • Cynthia Senek
  • Laila Garin
  • Bruno Fagundes
  • Thais Lago
  • Amanda Magalhães
  • Leo Belmonte
  • Fernando Rubro

What’s in the Season 4 of 3%

There is a power struggle between elite and oppressed citizens in a story and in a twist told by Michele, so citizens reached to a thrilling conclusion as the series premiered. All from growing rebellion to internal politics and foreshadowed the end of the Offshore and the process.

3% season 4


Episode list of season 4 of 3%

There are 7 Episodes of 3% Season 4 and these are the chapters or episodes which are released in season 4-

  • Chapter 1- “Moon”
  • Chapter 2- “Shock”
  • Chapter 3- “Fire”
  • Chapter 4- “Submarine”
  • Chapter 5- “Painting”
  • Chapter 6- “Buttons”
  • Chapter 7- “Sun”

How many seasons are there of 3% on Netflix?

There are a total 4 Seasons which are available on Netflix.

Is Season 4 the Last Season of 3%?

It is the last season of 3% which is shown on Netflix and also creators are not renewing the season for the next sequel.

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What happened at the end of 3%?

The final Battle emerges between the island and the Offshore as Andre stabs in the chest of Michele who dies. Also the war ends as Andre gets on an Oxygen Submarine and sails for the offshore.

You can also watch Ending explanation of 3% of season 4.

Ratings of Season 4 of 3%

There are 7.5 out of 10 and 3.5 from 5 of per episode of season 4 of this thriller show.

Will There Be Season 5 of 3%?

3% is ending on Netflix and also the process is over. This Thriller show will not come for season 5 as 4rd season of 3% is its last and final Season of the series as the creator is already working on Dystopian Show.

Final words

As this thrilling drama seasons was completed with its last and final season 4. Now you can watch other Dystopian shows if you like this series of 3% show.

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