Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Armor Mods

There are some recent Fallout 4 armor mods produced to upgrade the gaming experience of users. These mods will either upgrade your already existing armors or will download new ones in your game. The most important thing is they will make your game look sick.

People were expecting better-looking armors in Fallout 4 but they aren’t up to the mark. So mods have to be added. These mod armors look way cooler than the original armors.

Armor mods

Introduction :

Even the best power armors of the Fallout 4 can be enough to pass the missions comfortably. But these old boring types of armor don’t do justice to the game. So modders did their magic and added some tough and cool-looking Fallout 4 armor mods in the game. 

Here is the list of some of the badass mod armors present in the game –

10. Black Widow Armor

This armor was only made for the female version but someone did make a male version. You can find this armor in Wilwood Grave. The armor is fully customizable with code physics. Black widow was buried in one of the tombs with a sad story. His new armor has the power to teleport between the normal world and some other world. He takes away your enemies’ souls.

9. Hunk Armor –

Hunk is from the new Resident Evil remake. The Resident Evil remake won many fans’ hearts even though it was the remake of the game that came in 1998. Hunk has always been a fan’s favorite. This mod is from gun Network Public release station. It was crafted in the chemistry station. The black leather clothes on him look cooler in rain.


8. Titanfall Pulse Blade Armor –

This is another armor produced by the Gun Network Public release section and can also be crafted in the chemistry station. The armor supports both males and females characters. These armors look just so awesome. You can also modify them according to your preference in the armor workbench.

7. Nano suit –

The nano suit is from the game crisis. It’s a high-quality top-notch suit. The meshes and the textures are superb. Again, you craft the armor in the chemistry station. Works for both males and females. The suit can also be upgraded and also you can craft various types of camos.


6. Deathstroke armor –

Now for all you Dc fans. You must be looking for this armor so here it has arrived. This suit requires armor and weapon keywords and the armorsmith extended. But there is a downside to this that you can’t upgrade it. That’s why it doesn’t make the top 5. But still, it’s too cool to ignore, especially for the Dc fans.


Before we move to the next 5.  Do check our article for the awesome game Greedfall and know can you play it online multiplayer or with your friends.


5. NCR Ranger Armor –

Who can forget the iconic NCR Ranger Armor from the Fallout New Vegas. Anyone who is a fan of Fallout New Vegas or the NCR, this is a must-have mod. The armor can be found in Kellogg’s apartment. You can also find the armor in an abandoned church. It comes with an Anti-Material rifle and a Ranger Sequoia. You can also modify the lenses.

4. Cross Mohave Manhunter Armor –

This armor is perfect for your bounty hunter-like character. A little is known about the mysterious Mohave Manhunter. The legend is known to be around since before the war. He has never missed a mark and always gets his prize, Dead or Alive. You can find the armor in the fallen church and glowing sea.

Halo Armor

3.Halo ODST Battle Armors –

This is for all the Halo fans out there. All these armors have extensive lists of customization options. Starting from the skins to powerful attachments to protect yourself and it also comes in handy to tear apart those who come in your way. The mod comes with its very own Halo bench which you can build and start crafting your armors.

2. Nano Suit 6.2 – 

This armor is super sweet. It requires an armored weapon keyword which everyone should have. The armor has many different colors and light variations. Many people prefer black with red lights. There are lots of customization like a backpack, a jetpack, the Katana in the back, and the black goggles. All these are craftable.

And Finally number 1, the Goat of all the Fallout 4 armor mods.

1. Merc Armors –

It’s a mercenary pack. This armored pack adds a ton of really great lore-friendly armor sets to the game. You can craft them with the armorsmith extended mod. One of the favorites of many fans is the Scavenger armor which is basically a salvage NCR Armor. But you also have the B90 and Rebel armor. Which is very good too.

Final Words –

So yeah that’s it. These are the best armors you got for Fallout 4. Well, some are from the previous games but with the new customizations, they look more of a new thing in the mods market. Do try all these and then decide which one will be the best for you. 


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